Ahhh Weddings. I have to say I love shooting them.

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The Duble + Russell wedding at Cloudland Canyon State Park was so beautiful. I am thankful they hired me to be their photographer (there really is no higher compliment, than for someone to hire you as their photographer).


We started our day at In the Buff Day Spa, in Chattanooga, TN ( http://inthebuffdayspaandsalon.com/ ) The bride had her hair and makeup done. And the maid of honor/sister of the bride also had her hair done. I thought they both looked beautiful, and I appreciate that the staff/management allowed me to photograph, while they worked. 

From there we went to one of the bridesmaid's houses, so the bride could get ready. I must say it was an amazing location, and I appreciate that I was allowed to photograph there as well. The light in that room was fabulous!
It was finally time for the reveal/first look photos, and I raced over to Cloudland Canyon to get all set up ( http://www.gastateparks.org/CloudlandCanyon ). Thankfully, my son and his friend helped me do some test shots at the location a few days before, so I was prepared for the sun. On the day of the wedding, I was glad to not see any of the huge ants that had crawled all over us when we did our test shots. I thought the reveal and group shots were great, and I was happy I had taken the time to prepare for the harsh sunlight. 
 ^For the soccer fans :) ^
^They do this pose beautifully. 
Guests started arriving, so the bride retreated to a cool place, and the groom greeted/seated guests. Just before the ceremony I was able to photograph the father of the bride praying with the bride. That photo received so many comments on my Facebook wall, because it was such a special moment. 
Time moved very quickly after that, and I can say that at the end of the day I had 3300 photos to sift through and edit.
The father of the bride read from the couple's new bible. It was a moving verse, as they had recently lost a patriarch in their family, and it was obvious his love was one that had taught them all to love and value family.
It was a magical day, and I am so happy I was there to capture it all. I should include that I invited one of my former students to come help me as a second shooter, and he did a great job. I also had my son working with me that day, as my bag handler :) I hope they enjoyed seeing what it's like to cover a wedding. They were instrumental in making my day that much easier. 
**To view all the pictures from the Duble + Russell Wedding please visit http://www.bbaven.com/p740265733 , and please contact me for your photography needs. I'd love to be your photographer. 
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