Dinner~One of My Favorites

July 27, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Certain foods I just LOVE, and quiche is one of them.


One of the cutest things my husband has said to me is, "How do you know how to do that?" I laugh and say, "I use the cook book."

 Here I've got one of my Grammie's glasses holding down the page. I actually have two cook books open (I do a little of each), and you can barely see where I've written in 'whipping cream'. It's fun to have a recipe that nobody else knows (ok, so maybe my mom knows it :).


Here the quiche is in the oven.

 We got the new pie plate as a wedding gift from friends. I knew I was going to take pictures so I went with the white one instead of the maroon one (it's mostly for apple pie anyway).


A quick picture right out of the oven. 




Because it doesn't last long once it has been cut. And believe me when I say the end result was absolutely delicious.  

That is my Grammie's serving spatula (love it & miss her). ~BBA